Meet the board

Ryan Faust

Let's keep the Meet the Board series rolling! Next up in our crew of new board members, Ryan Faust.

LAST UPDATED • April 5th, 2023

About Ryan

Ryan joined Excellerate Foundation's board in 2023 and sits on the housing and social support committees.  

Ryan is a Founding Partner and the Managing Principal of BUF Studio.  He is involved in overall company strategic growth initiatives ensuring the BUF Studio team delivers on the company vision. He focuses on team building, employee engagement, growth and leadership, and cross-office collaboration instilling the three core values of the company across the entire organization.  He is also involved in critical project moments, ensuring that employees and clients are fully supported for the success of their projects.

In addition to his work with Excellerate Foundation, Ryan works with the Mercy Health Foundation and the Children’s Safety Center of Washington County.  Working with non-profits to help them realize a vision is a rich and rewarding experience.  He and his family are grateful for all Northwest Arkansas has offered them and work to give back to those that want to continue to grow the area to new levels.

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