All Initiatives Social Support Housing Education
Creating Diverse Social Networks
Building social networks across socioeconomic lines benefits all those involved and leads to transformative action that betters the lives of everyone.

Addressing Systemic Racism
Human rights and the dignity of every individual must be protected and strengthened so that all people in Northwest Arkansas can thrive.

Building Affordable Communities
There is more to solving the lack of affordable housing than building more infrastructure. We must build communities.

Early Childhood Development
Intervening as early as possible in children's formative years to ensure developmental opportunities are accessible and toxic stress is mitigated is key to ensuring their long term health, happiness, and success.

Workforce Upskilling
Philanthropic, academic and employer stakeholders came together in 2021 to address workforce shortages in Northwest Arkansas. Our shared goal is to provide opportunities to upskill current residents into high demand careers throughout our community.