What We Identified

Northwest Arkansas faces a housing crisis that has only intensified in recent years.

Census data shows that there are at least 150,000 people in the region who can’t sustainably afford market-rate housing, especially when it comes to rental properties.

A study released in late 2019 by Walton Family Foundation reports that “housing is becoming increasingly inaccessible to the region’s workers, families, and seniors” due to high demand and rising costs. It also notes that “failure to act could result in widespread instability, including job losses, increased poverty and rising numbers of homeless individuals and families”.


We believe there is more to the solution than just building more affordable housing. We must build communities.

A community is its people, people from all walks of life, people who look out for one another, people who help lift up those who fall and open doors to new opportunities. A community does more for its people than simply keep them off the streets.

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Cobblestone Farm Community
Cobblestone Farm Community aims to provide affordable housing to low-income families in a diverse, inclusive environment with additional services and resources that will help them thrive.