Everyone in Northwest Arkansas deserves the opportunity to thrive.

As Northwest Arkansas grows, so does its prosperity. But for many in our community that prosperity remains out of reach. More than 150,000 people in Benton, Madison, and Washington County face financial insecurity, housing instability, and a host of other challenges every single day. These people need tangible, lasting change in the systems that shape their lives, and they need someone to fight for that change right now.

Helping drive lasting change.

Excellerate, a name combining ‘excellence’ and ‘accelerate’, knows that transforming our region requires strategy, diligence, and, most importantly, decisive action that keeps the process moving forward. It must also be a collaborative effort, one that allows each of us to bring our knowledge, our talents, and our resources to the table so that we can play to our collective strengths. Together, we can build a Northwest Arkansas where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Our History

Excellerate Foundation (formerly Endeavor Foundation) was established through the sale of Springdale Memorial Hospital and Bates Memorial Hospital in Bentonville in 1998. As a result, Excellerate focuses its efforts on the service areas of the two hospitals: Benton, Madison, and Washington counties.

Excellerate has always leveraged its assets to impact the greatest needs of Northwest Arkansas, including primary and secondary education, health and well-being, and community building among our diverse residents. Since inception, Excellerate has invested more than $115 million to improve the lives of all those who call Northwest Arkansas home.





Driving Toward the Future

We are now Excellerate Foundation, which reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and a new focus on accelerating decisive action. We will continue to invest in the forward-looking ideas and tangible solutions of our ever inventive and resourceful community. But we will also step forward to drive lasting change when we see untapped opportunities through our data-driven insights. We will operate at the systems level, standing side by side with the businesses, municipalities, and institutions that shape our region, developing a shared vision and a common will to ensure that all may fully benefit from the prosperity of Northwest Arkansas.

This more proactive approach towards the bigger picture and long-term impact defines Excellerate as we move into the next phase of our work.



excellerate jeff

Jeff Webster

President / CEO

Susan Upchurch

excellerate justin

Justin Fletcher

Vice President / Programs
excellerate josh

Josh Hall, LCSW

Vice President / Executive Director Hark at Excellerate Foundation
excellerate ali

Ali Johnson

Director / Technology, Marketing, Security Officer


excellerate sara

Sara Allbright, LCSW

Hark Director / Community Liaisons
excellerate christy

Christy Guiterrez

Hark Director / Technology Development
excellerate monica

Monica Kumar

Director / Diverse Social Networks
excellerate regina

Regina Mitchell

Administrative Assistant

Board Members

excellerate steve

Steven Lane

excellerate henry

Henry Ho

Vice Chairman
excellerate rick

Rick Parsons

excellerate celia

Celia Swanson

excellerate james

James L. Hawkins II, PHd, LPC

excellerate trey

Trey Carter

excellerate stephen v2

Stephen Dacus

excellerate ana

Ana Echegoyen

excellerate susan

Susan Goss, LMFT, LPC

excellerate melody

Melody Martens

excellerate mark

Mark Snodgrass


Together, we can drive systemic change in Northwest Arkansas.

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