Upskill NWA

Upskill NWA will empower and prepare residents of Northwest Arkansas to pursue in-demand careers that have opportunities for advancement and provide financial stability for their families.

LAST UPDATED • October 7th, 2021


Modeled after the successful Project Quest programs across the country, Excellerate and The Walton Family Foundation have joined together to launch Upskill Northwest Arkansas. Upskill NWA is structured to assist residents with a new career they never thought possible. Upskill NWA puts a plan in place that sets people up for success.



Upskill NWA matches an individual with a career navigator who will help with not only education but services such as tutoring, childcare, transportation, and rental assistance. The navigator is there each step of the way to make sure the individual reaches that higher end job that also gives financial stability. The support of the career navigator is on board until graduation and throughout job placement.



Upskill NWA is partnering with Northwest Arkansas Community College, Northwest Technical Institute, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The goal is to provide the opportunity to be placed in a high demand job within their communities.

Statistics prove that this program could allow 200,000 people in Northwest Arkansas an opportunity to create a better income for their families.

The first class of Upskill NWA will begin January 2022.