Rental Assistance Recipient Shares Experience with Hark

Hark at Excellerate Foundation Community Liaison, Joe Collura, sits down with Kylie Marshall who was kind enough to share her experience working with Hark and the Rental Assistance program.

LAST UPDATED • May 4th, 2021

We recognize that through the pandemic many in our community have found themselves seeking help for the first time or have had to make what seem like impossible decisions. We want to spend time over the next few months applauding a few Hark clients and their resilience throughout the pandemic.

Hark Community Liaison, Joe Collura, sat down with Kylie Marshall who shared, "we were torn between paying our bills and being able to afford basic necessities. And we have three kids."

We are grateful to Kylie for sharing her experience with Hark and also her shared desire to make known the resources available in our area.